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Matt Murnane a Rising Star | Kaback Talent Academy

Matt Murnane was the typical average person he was scouted off the street like many of our models and was given a unique opportunity, a rare chance that we give all our talent here at Kaback Talent Academy. Weather fate or destiny had lead Matt to our doors we have since helped him to reach possibilities he once thought were unattainable. We believe that everyone one should be given the chance to live out their dreams and that’s exactly what our Talent directors set out to achieve for Matt. We transformed him from the average guy to the extraordinary guy and made him truly shine. Matt describes his first day on set as a very nervous and scary one like many us when he first started he too was very scared and nervous he had never modeled before and had no idea what to do his first day. We were there to help him to guide him through every step of the way as we do all of our talent.

Matt Murnane could not be happier with his new life as a model working under Kaback Talent Academy. He loves the fast paced busy hectic life of being a model and in his video at he talks about all the many new adjustments he has had to make with his new career. He now lives in New York and could not be happier. All his work and hard efforts can be seen through his pictures. He is constantly shooting and meeting new people on a regular basis living out his dream. Matt was just a regular person and we turned him into a rising star he has been doing very well since his interview and has been continuing to shoot and expand his career with the support and help from Kaback and Colby Models.  That makes us at Kaback as well as Colby Models very proud to say.

Kaback Talent Academy really has an eye for talent. We see talent in each individual that walks through our doors. Weather you see it or not, we do. That is why we are in this business always seeing that fire, that spark in all of our talent. It is our job to bring that out in our talent. At Kaback Talent Academy and Colby Models we believe anyone can be a star, if u let us help you. If you follow our instruction and are advice we can take you to places you thought you could never reach. In Matts interview he could not stress it enough how important it was to listen to your agent, as well as the directors, and heed their advice. At the end of the day Kaback Talent Academy is always there to help you, too reach new limits, and too live out your dreams. If I didn’t truly believe that we could I don’t think any of us at Kaback Talent Academy would be here today. We have a passion for what we do and we always will. Matt Murnane is just one of our many examples of this. He is living out is dream and even though it may be hard and is a lot of work he gets up every day and does because that’s what he loves to do. Ultimately this has to be your passion, your love if you’re going to succeed in this business.

Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. So pursue your dreams, live in the moment, and aim for the stars. At Kaback Talent Academy we want you to pursue we want to navigate you to those dreams. As always Good Luck and stay dreaming, and we wish you the best to your success here at Kaback Talent Academy.

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