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Michael Fomkin: Online Trolls – Alycia Kaback Strikes Back!

If you’ve spent any time in chat rooms or posting on an online discussion board you may have already come across one of these troublesome creatures. Often suffering from a mutant strain of compulsive posting disorder, a troll’s basic mission in life is to mischievously manufacture inflammatory opinions in an attempt to stir up disharmony and discord.

Why do some people just not get it? VIP Talent Connect helps people jump start their entertainment careers, identifying the roadblocks that have been holding them back.  People do not like being held accountable for their failure—this is exactly what happens at VIP. Sometimes a potential talent is told of their faults and why the entertainment business may not be right for them.  People will use any excuse not to admit to their own faults. The Internet is full of websites where people can blame everyone but themselves. There’s definitely a lot of misogyny on the Web in general– just look at any mass-audience site that allows anonymous comments.

Most people’s problems start with themselves.  It is the most difficult and most important step to come to terms with these internal issues and resolve them.   If you don’t have what it takes, the talent executives at VIP won’t fool you; they tell you why you are failing.  Ultimately, having a successful entertainment career is up to you.   VIP Talent Connect can’t help people who can’t help themselves. VIP can put you face to face with the decision makers in the industry– the people you need to meet, but if you are not self motivated and you don’t take the personal initiative to demonstrate why they should want you, what more can anyone do for you.  It’s up to you to make and maintain relationships with the guest speakers at VIP events.  VIP Talent Connect offers qualified individuals the unique opportunity to make personal connections with successful industry professionals. It’s sad when people don’t respect women like Alycia Kaback who work hard every day to help people. Sometimes helping people means telling someone they can’t do this right now– that they should spend some time developing their lives, making the recommended improvements to better themselves. If this was easy, everyone would be successful not just the select few. Which side do you want to be on?

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