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The IT Factor Productions: What Else Do you Need Besides Talent?

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Never Stop Evolving 

Have you ever wondered how we choose the talent we represent? Yeah, there are the obvious criteria of image, workability, presence, and of course…. “Talent,” but that’s not all we look for. One major key feature we take into account is work ethic. How bad do you want it? Are you someone who refuses to give up? Instead of being one to ask, “who moved my cheese” are you, when faced with adversity, quick to sniff out a new corner in the maze of life, filled with more dairy goodness?

Change happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go.”

Spencer Johnson, author Who Moved My Cheese

Our founder, Alycia Kaback, no stranger to adversity, has been one who’s put it all on the line. Faced her fears, and gone after her dreams. It was not easy, and definitely not always glamorous, but through it all, she persevered. We love to see this same spirit in our clients. It’s creates a team mentality where both sides of the table inspire each other, to work harder for one another, and to find new and innovative avenues to approach in order to reach mutual success.

Recently, we came across the opportunity to represent three different individuals that have made serious gains in each of their respective careers. They’ve each, through the years, become notable figures, in their own right. Yet that was not the clincher in deciding to represent them or not. When meeting with them individually, we were so inspired by each of their stories, their ability to bounce back from tough situations, and more than anything, their yearning desire to win. The individuals I’m referring to are, Riddick Bowe, Andrew The Enforcer Anderson, and Jimmy Hart.

Riddick Bowe, was raised on the hard streets of Brooklyn, NY, and fought his way out of poverty to become one of the top boxers of the modern era. Most known for his silver medal in the 1988 Olympics, and becoming the first fighter to knock out Evander Holyfield. As a man he’s faced many challenges, but above all, knows the true meaning of having a dream and going for it. Throughout the uphill climb of his career he says:  “No matter what, God is on my side,” “I’m not perfect, but I’m not the worst, either. God brought me this far. He’s not done with me yet.”

Andrew “The Enforcer” Anderson is most known for his wrestling achievements. However, not your typical meathead wrestler, he graduated St Peter’s College, with a degree in business administration. Well known for being one not to rest on his laurels, upon making the leap into professional wrestling, he ultimately became the first JCW heavyweight champion.

Lastly, Jimmy Hart, a man known for wearing many hats, such as, professional wrestling manager, executive, composer, musician, and even actor. He is best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling under his nickname “The Mouth of the South.” He’s also managed many professional wrestlers, including Hulk Hogan, and Bret Hart, to name a few. Jimmy is a man of many talents, but above all of his many accomplishments, he is someone who’s able to withstand change, and re-invent and re-position himself to maintain longevity in his career.

While these three men have an undeniable amount of accomplishments, and talent, we are more proud to represent them because of their humble spirit, intense work ethic, and ability to evolve in the changing times. Each have a unique, inspiring story to tell the world, and we are thrilled to help them share it.

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